Our Staff

Teaching Staff (and curriculum responsibilities)

Headteacher: Mr G. Oates (ICT and PSHE)
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs N. Edwards (Literacy)
Nursery: Miss M. Cordwell (Religious Education)
Reception: Mrs B. Owen (Early Years, History and Geography)
Year 1: Miss T. Brown
Year 2: Mr D. Peatfield (Spring Term)
Year 3: Miss K. Bibi
Year 4: Mrs C. Nawaz
Year 5: Mr K. Pragnell
Year 6: Mrs N. Edwards (Literacy)
Part-Time Teacher: Mrs L. Nowicki and Mrs. L. Dunn

Non-Teaching Staff

Nursery: Miss C. Dibley
Reception: Mrs J. Lawrenson
Year 1: Mrs R. Ruffle
Year 2: Mrs M. Brunt
Year 3: Mrs A. Fox
Year 4: Miss R. Hilton
Year 5: Miss R. Stelfox
Year 6: Mrs G. Adamson
Pastoral Leader: Mrs K. Hilton
Attendance Officer: Mrs S Jacobs
Special Educational Needs: Miss C. Toft
School Administrator: Mrs J. Goodwin
School Administrator: Miss K. White
School Business Manager: Mrs A. Buckley
ICT Network Manager: Mr M. Levine
Site Manager: Mr T. Hunking
Assistant Caretaker: Mr. D. Hill
Cook-in-Charge: Mrs J. Hawkins
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs J. Hampson
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs L. Hough
Kitchen Assistant: Mr J. Agravat