Reading and Literacy

Phonics and Reading

Daily phonics lessons take place across the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. In the Nursery, staff concentrate on developing children’s speaking, listening and concentration skills and they lay the foundations for the introduction of individual letters and the sounds that they make. Throughout the Foundaton Stage and Key Stage 1, the Phonics Bug programme is used to ensure that a structured, systematic approach is delivered; Jolly Phonics is also used alongside this as a multi-sensory approach when introducing letters and their corresponding sounds.

A range of reading schemes are used along with a mixture of high quality children’s literature. the books are levelled in a structured way, which ensures that they become more challenging over time. Initially, the first books the children will encounter are phonically decodable and contain lots of repetitive words and phrases. as the children’s fluency and comprehension skills develop, they are moved up to the next band.

At Beever Primary School we want all of our children to become confident and competent readers. We ask parents/carers to support their children by reading each night with them- a small amount of time can have such a big impact on learning.