I understand there was a significant amount of speculation as to whether Beever was open or not yesterday and there was some misinformation posted by parents on Social Media sites which added to the confusion.

Please always assume the school will be open- if we have to close, I will use the text messaging service and the Beever website to inform parents of the closure.

The bottom line is that we are open and always will be until you receive a text message or see information on the school website informing you otherwise.

IT’S WINTER!!! (Brrrrrrrrrr)

The recent changeable and now extremely cold weather has highlighted the issue of ensuring that our children are suitably clothed for school.

We like to take every opportunity for the children to play outside in the playground and of course Years 3 & 4 walk to the swimming baths weekly.  I am therefore asking parents and carers to ensure that every child wears a suitable coat and has appropriate footwear for school.

Indoor clothing should be school uniform with suitable underclothes as the children undress for P.E. in Foundation Stage.  KS1 and KS2 children also need a P.E. kit.

The temperature inside school can vary as the children move around school for various activities.  It is therefore advisable that children have a sweatshirt or cardigan.

I am happy to discuss any clothing difficulties with parents/carers.


Can I ask if parents have not returned their reply slip regarding primary contact details to be put on this system, they do so as soon as possible.

Further copies of the letter are available from the school office if required.

If parents need to text the school, they should use 07860 030905. The older number has now been discontinued.

If parents need to contact the school directly, they should ring 0161 770 8351 and not the text number as it does not accept incoming calls.