Our Vision

We have high ambitions for all our children and recognise that children have different starting points. We aim for our children to be confident, independent and caring children who show good behaviours for learning. We want all children to succeed and feel happy and safe in our Early Years Foundation Stage Unit.

‘Encouraging children to learn and achieve in a secure and caring environment’

Our Rationale

Our I can curriculum is designed with the starting points of our pupils and the Early Learning Goals in mind.  It is carefully constructed and sequenced to ensure that the children’s skills and knowledge progress throughout their early years journey. We have a balance of child and adult led activities so that we are teaching the children what they need in order for them to be able to become independent learners. We do this through the teach, practice and apply method. This also provides children with structure in their school life which our children benefit from and this creates good behaviours for learning right from the start.
We ensure there are wow moments to hook children into their learning from the very beginning of their topics. This gives children a thirst for learning. The topics are enquiry based, in line with the rest of the school and so children are becoming inquisitive, skill based learners.
We would like parents to feel secure in the knowledge that their child is well cared for and happy at school. Our parents are encouraged and welcomed to be actively involved in their children’s learning in school and are able to share learning experiences through stay and play sessions, viewing and contributing to learning journeys through tapestry, trips, events and parent workshops.
Our children are happy and proud, knowing that we celebrate all religions in school and understand we are all different in many ways. We also celebrate the children’s successes and value their achievements from either home or school during weekly assemblies, homework boards or tapestry sessions.
Children learn about the Beever Pledge in Early Years so they understand how they will become educated citizens and be prepared for life not only at Beever Primary school but when they become young adults.

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