Times Table Rockstars is intended to help your child improve their recall of times tables facts – swift recall of these facts and the ability to recognise when they should be used is central to pupils achieving their full potential throughout their schooling and we hope you will encourage your child to make daily use of the online resources that are available with TTRockstars.

This format has very successfully boosted times tables recall speed for hundreds of pupils over recent years nationally. It is used in over 2500 schools – both primary and secondary – worldwide and children at Beever will be using TTRockstars to improve times tables recall.

The basic format:

  • Pupils get daily practice every week.
  • Practice means answering about 50 questions each day.
  • They will focus on one particular times table for the entire week, starting with the 3s. Some weeks will review a few times tables at once.
  • Questions will involve division as well as multiplication.
  • The speed with which questions are correctly answered is the target to improve.

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