We have seen so many improvements over the past couple of years, including improved SATS results and excellent progress across the school. This is linked to our improvements in attendance – which means that more children are now spending more time learning in school.

Important information for parents 

We have seen so many improvements over the past couple of years, including improved SATS results and excellent progress across the school.   This is linked to our improvements in attendance – which means that more children are now spending more time learning in school.

Each week the class with the best attendance looks after the Beever Best Weekly Attendance Trophy. The class with the best punctuality is also rewarded with the Beever Best Weekly Punctuality Trophy.

Although things have improved a great deal, we believe there is still further room for improvement.  In particular, there are some families last year who took unauthorised holidays, which has led to us having to issue penalty notices.

Please remember: it is against the law to take children out of school to go on holiday during term time. This is not just a school rule – it is the law!   Children can only be granted special leave in “exceptional circumstances” – this does not typically include holidays, or visiting a sick relative in another country. It is very important that we help parents to understand this, as many parents are now putting themselves at risk of a fine from the Local Authority. We really do not want for any members of our school community to find themselves in this position.

Application – Absence during Term Time

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Attendance Letter – Revised January 2023
Attendance policy – Revised February 2023
Attendance poster

We will consider parent requests for special leave only if there are exceptional circumstances and it is completely unavoidable.  Evidence will be required to be provided in all cases.

Holidays are not permitted during term time and requests to take children on holiday will not be granted.  The law says that children should be in school during term time and that holidays are not allowed.  This is because your child will miss out on important school work and may not be able to catch up.  This could have serious consequences for their learning.

Taking a child out of school without good reason or authorisation is very serious and will mean the Education Welfare Officer is notified.  They will consider taking action, issuing a penalty notice and in more serious cases they may take court action.

If you feel there is an exceptional reason as to why you need to request special leave then please speak to the school office.

Application – Absence during Term Time

  • Taking children on holiday or out of school during term time is against the law.
  • We understand that holidays during term time may cost less money, but they are still against the law.
  • Term time holidays are an increasingly serious issue – and the government is advising schools to take serious action where they need to in order to make sure they do not happen.
  • The school is not allowed to authorise absence during term time, unless there are exceptional reasons (this does NOT include sickness of a family member).
  • Taking unauthorised holidays could result in a penalty notice from the Local Authority.

Application – Absence during Term Time

It can be tricky deciding whether or not to keep your child off school, nursery or playgroup when they’re unwell. Read what the NHS says – Is my child too ill for school?


James has 90% attendance. Sounds good doesn’t it?

But is it?

  • 90% attendance = ½ day missed every week
  • 90% attendance = 4 whole weeks of lessons missed every year
  • James will fall behind in his learning

Not being at school can seriously damage a child’s learning!

The school day starts at 8.45am.  We encourage and welcome our children to come into school from 8.40am, so that they are ready for the 8.45am start, and we also have our Breakfast club which is open from 7.45am.

Children who miss the start of the day miss out on a crucial ‘settling down’ period – a chance to catch up on news with friends, share stories with their teacher, find their belongings, hang up their coats and prepare for a day of learning – that is a lot of things.

Did you know?

  • If your child is just 5 minutes late every day – that adds up to over 3 days lost each year.
  • If your child is late by 15 minutes each day, that is the same as being absent for 2 weeks per year!

You must make sure your child gets a full-time education that meets their needs (for example if they have special educational needs).  You can read what the goverment says with this link. School attendance and absence.

  • They miss lessons and important information.
  • They WILL fall behind with their learning and their results will suffer.
  • They will not be able to do their best in tests and exams.
  • The Educational Welfare Officer may be informed.
  • You could be fined a penalty notice, or worse, legal action could be taken.
  • Coughs and sneezes are no excuse not to come to school.
  • Being ill may prevent your child from going to school, but if they can get out of bed and play, or watch television they should be at school!
  • Feeling tired is not an illness, they need to go to bed earlier!

Why is regular attendance so important? Face-to-face education is important in helping pupils to fulfil their potential. During school time we believe pupils should be in class with their teachers and peers and enjoying all the benefits that brings.

  • It is the LAW. Parents can get penalty notices if this law is broken.
  • It shows they are reliable.
  • They do not miss any lessons.
  • They increase their learning.
  • They will do better in exams.
  • They will be more likely to get a job.
  • They will be safe and understand the importance of commitment (just like going to work and getting a job).
  • We really like your children being here!

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